The Power Devices and Systems Group of CNM, belonging to the Systems Integration Department, started its research activities in 1985 with the creation of CNM. The Group is currently made up of 18 people, 8 people belong to the Research Staff of CSIC (The National Council for Scientific Research) (4 Scientific Researchers and 4 Tenured Scientifics), 1 post-doc (Juan de la Cierva-Formación), 3 PhD students, 1 JAE-Intro PreDoc and 5 technicians. The main objectives of the group are the design and electrical characterisation of power devices, the development of their related process technologies, the development of advanced packaging and interconnection technologies and the thermal management aspects related to power devices and systems. The Group has 2 specific Laboratories and makes also use of the Clean Room (20 people) for the fabrication of Si and SiC based devices, as well as of the Electrical Characterisation, Packaging and Reverse Engineering Laboratories of CNM.The Group has developed the following research lines through different National and European grants and industrial contracts with companies.